Over 30 Years of Experience In The Industry
Provides A Solid Foundation For Success

At Freedom Senior Management we have been involved with the operation and development of senior living communities for over 30 years as owners, marketers, developers, and operators. This experience has allowed us to develop programs and practices that have proven to be extremely successful in managing these communities.

On this page you will see a number of the communities that we have either built, developed or managed over the years. All of these communities continue to operate successfully. We bring the same skills, expertise and experience to bear when we manage any community and we will do the same for you.

Freedom Senior Management has a proven track record with many different locations and situations, which allows us to create management or consulting structures that can be uniquely adapted to the given situation of any individual provider. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can provide for the long-term success of your property or community. Click Here To Download Our Background and Experience Brochure.

About Freedom Senior Management
“We have established relationships with outstanding resources, such as independent partners with specific expertise in law, insurance, Medicare, housekeeping, dining, arts & leisure, marketing & advertising, and recruitment that can be engaged as necessary.”

    – Frank Herold, Freedom Senior Management